Social Revolution v.2

I loved the first Social Media Revolution Video from socialnomic09 because it is a quick and compelling way to convince sceptics that social media is not going away. If you agree – you will love the updated Version 2 above.

From a PR point of view two stats stick out:

We don’t search for the news – the news finds us

I think this is so true, we are less reliant on news outlets and more reliant on our social networks to provide news.

In this way it is much more targeted – your friends and business contacts are arguably much more plugged into the issues that matter to you. I guess the down side of this approach is that news and information becomes slightly insular or closed within your network – making it harder to get wider perspectives. Nevermind – I guess you have always got the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ Google search!

Fastest growing segment of Facebook fans is 55-65 females

Wow. Another nail in the coffin of the idea that ‘social media is for kids’. Why both with Women’s Own and Women’s Circle when we have Facebook?

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