6 massive pain points facing B2B marketing pros

In my role as a content marketing consultant, my job is all about helping my clients tackle some of the complex sales and marketing problems. This means that they they share a lot of their professional pain with me!

The challenges change all the time and vary by industry. But there seem to be some commonality. Most of these are driven by the shift in marketing budgets into more content-led efforts and the adoption of inbound marketing processes and the relentless rise of marketing technology.

While some things may come easily to some marketers, no two people are alike in how they approach their work or view different obstacles.

Here’s my top 6 Massive B2B Marketing Pain Points.

1. Understanding Analytics

As with most things in life, B2B marketers must work more tirelessly than ever to stay on top of the technology. This technology gets more intelligent and spits out more and more data. It’s no surprise that “crunching the numbers,” is a necessary part of the job that nonetheless leaves some marketers dazed and confused. Even when you have nailed down a set of metrics that you want to use, using them to make decisions is not easy.

2. Determining Buying Power

Determining the sources of buying power is another marketing pain point. In the B2B technology space, TechTarget estimate that there are X people involved in the buying decision.

If you can’t identify a clear decision maker, then it means you need to target the wider DMU. But how do you do this practically, how much budget do you invest without knowing who has the buying power—who reigns over purchasing decisions. And unfortunately, the folks with the buying power are not always the folks who stand to directly benefit from your product/service in their everyday workflow. Thus, developing marketing that targets multiple kinds of people is often a necessary challenge.

3. Targeting the Correct Audience, At the Right Time

Sure, you have a message crafted, but are you targeting the right people… and moreover, are you doing it at the right time? B2B marketers are always struggling to find the right recipient, while simultaneously reaching them at the appropriate point of their business lifecycle, i.e., when they are likely willing and able to make a purchase.

4. Making a Lasting Impression

As a B2B content marketing consultant, you don’t just want to make a connection. You want to make a lasting connection.

Marketers often indicate that achieving authenticity and establishing a truly potent connection with their audience is one of their greatest pain points. With the average business consumer encountering literally thousands of messages a day, how do you stand out from the crowd and elevate your message above all the others? This is just one of the questions that keep B2B marketers figuratively—or even literally—up at night.

5. Customer Acquisition Cost

Investing money in a fiscally sound fashion is yet another massive pain point encountered by so many B2B marketers.

After all, for every pound invested, there has to be a significant return. What’s the average cost associated with generating a sales lead for a business? If the CAC (customer acquisition cost) skyrockets, it’s no longer a viable method of marketing, as business growth will be hurt overall. Adjusting for CAC appropriately is often a critical challenge for marketers.

6. Lack of Time

And our final top massive B2B marketing pain point… lack of time.

Sometimes the greatest challenge for B2B marketers is simply finding enough time to get things done. This particularly relates to the time needed to adequately test campaigns for optimization. Without sufficient time to test optimization campaigns, other pain points—targeting the correct audience, making CAC-related business adjustments, and generally wrestling with analytics—will only grow more painful.

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