B2B Inbound Marketing Strategy

Shifting your marketing to adopt inbound methodology can appear daunting. It might require a new mindset, new skills and possibly new technology.

As an inbound marketing consultant, I can help you develop a plan tailored to your business. I am also there to guide the implementation process.

What you get in an inbound marketing strategy

None of my strategies are ever the same but they generally cover off the following areas:

Buyer personas

What exactly makes your ideal customers tick? With a buyer persona, you’ll always know the answer, allowing you to craft messaging that sticks.

Marketing triggers

What are the pain points that cause prospects to seek you out in the first place? What pressing problem can you help them with?

Targeted keywords

When you know the keywords being used to find information about your product you can position your pages to be better targeted and relevant.

Lead nurturing process

With a prospect showing interest, you need help to develop an email process to nurture them through the funnel.

Conversion-focused content

Developing content for your blog, email or social that is more likely to get prospects to convert.

People, process and technology

Helping you align the sales and marketing functions with the right process and technology. If you need new people with new skills, I can help recruit them.