Social media attribution boosted by Adobe research

The concept of social media attribution has had a boost thanks to new research from Adobe.  A  recent survey shows that  43% of marketers say social is a driver for increased interest in marketing attribution.

Attribution modelling has big benefits: It helps demonstrate the value of marketing, allowing for more informed decisions and it provides a more rounded view of the customer journey. In the case of social this is important, as more people will start to appreciate its contribution ahead of the last click.

There is still a way to go as only 54% of marketers do any form of marketing attribution. That’s a shame because, of those that do, 89% say it’s having a positive impact.  Admittedly, applying attribution to social isn’t always straightforward.

Social campaigns often focus on community building, trying to forge relationships and build likes and follows.  These social connected people are already aware and to some extent engaged with the brand; indeed their data might already be captured for email purposes. They are likely to access an e-commerce site with a direct url or an organic brand search. When they make the purchase, social media isn’t going to get the recognition it deserves.

The survey says 58% of marketers think perfect attribution is impossible. I am sure they are right. But making an attempt is essential to reveal the true value of social. Anyway if you can’t measure it you can’t improve it!

Have a look at this infographic for more insight. Also here is a nice report on the subject of social media attribution.

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