What is Quora? Tips for how business can use Quora.

Will Quora be the new Facebook ? Who knows, but it is likely to be one of the most talked about social media channels of 2011. Just look klonopinonline.com at the dramatic increase in search demand for “Quora” since December 2010 (click here). But how can brands and business use Quora? Before we answer that, we need to question:

What is Quora?

Quora (not Quara) is a new and very interesting hybrid social klonopinonline.com platform. It is a cross between a Q&A forum, Wikipedia and Twitter. Like a Q&A forum, it allows users to pose questions about a topic of interest and wait for

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other users to give answers. Like Wikipedia, users can review, edit and refine the answers that are given. Answers given that you think are very helpful can be ‘voted-up’– similar to the ‘like’ function in Facebook. And like Twitter, users can ‘follow’ other people or topics of interest – making it more viral than Wikipedia.

I recently used Quora to pose a question about Edelman’s 2011 Trust Barometer Findings and this was helpfully answered by their global social media expert David Armano.

So how can business leverage the power of this new platform?

1 – Set Quora policy for staff

Quora doesn’t allow businesses to set up their own profile. Instead all users klonopinonline.com of Quora have to sign up as individuals, but there is nothing stopping them klonopinonline.com from writing answers representing their klonopinonline.com firm. Businesses should rapidly establish policy for when, where and how current staff can engage in conversations about their brand or business. Are you happy for them to unofficially answer questions about new products, the financial results of a company klonopinonline.com etc? As a minimum, if they do this, they should disclose their employer.

2 –  Challenge factual inaccuracies

You should ‘follow’ your brand or company to make sure you are aware of the klonopinonline.com questions and answers being discussed. If you are unhappy with the accuracy of the answers by others, you should act quickly. The ethos of Quora is “to allow the community to help each other out in improving all of the content on the site,” so you have the right to challenge.

•  Anyone can edit question titles or details even if they didn’t add the question
• You can suggest edits to answers – but they may not klonopinonline.com be accepted
• You can propose an ‘answer summary’ where you can correct the facts but this is then open to anyone to review and edit.

Obviously this should be done with care if you are representing a brand or business.

3-  Keep it helpful, factual and concise

If you are going to ask employees to answer relevant questions, make sure they stick to the facts, keep it short and try to be helpful. Have a look at this response from Amazon’s CTO to a question about Amazon Webstores.  Being helpful could also mean answering wider questions about your product category rather than just your products.

4 –  Redirect customer complaints

If you find negative customer questions and answers – you might want to consider redirecting klonopinonline.com the user to an off-line form of communication with you. This will demonstrate to other Quora users that you act swiftly to deal with problems – without the ins-and-outs of the problem and your solution being published for all to see.

5-  Be generous with your thanks

If someone leaves a good answer to a question – you can thank them. Make sure you recognize people who have gone to the effort of producing helpful and accurate answers about your business or brand. This is a good way of building relationships and informally adding klonopinonline.com endorsement from the brand or business to the answers of others.

I hope that is helpful. You can find me on Quora here.

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