Where should a B2B business focus on paid social media?


Check out your own newsfeed on social media, someone is paying to show you the ads you see. As a B2B business owner or marketing professional, you should also be spending ad spend to generate leads. If your company has chosen social media platforms for your marketing spend is your money working right for you?

The competition has never been greater — so it pays to keep up with paid social media distribution. Fight all of the chatter on social media with lead generation through paid ads on either Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

b2b advertising options

Twitter Advertising

Thanks to the growth of Twitter throughout 2017, the platform has turned into a news source among users of all types. Target users on Twitter based on demographics, although the information collected on Twitter is much different than that of Facebook. A sponsored ad shows up in users feed, and they choose whether to visit your account.

Twitter does well for businesses looking to interact directly with customers on a daily basis. There are large B2B companies doing this well while also investing in advertising on Twitter, like Maersk. Use this account to learn tactics. Twitter is about more than just sharing a link, it is about sharing interesting and useful information.

LinkedIn Advertising

When it comes to professional interaction, there is one social network on the market – LinkedIn. This network is built specifically for professionals and many content marketers call it the most effective B2B social network. LinkedIn ads are successful when shared in the right context and with proper targeting. Target specifics related to job function, level of seniority, title, office location, employer name, and more.

LinkedIn does sponsored posts, sidebar ads, and text ads for “bottom of the funnel” content. This means it is highly targeted. People want business solutions when on LinkedIn.

Facebook Advertising

If you are B2B, you still need to be advertising on Facebook. This social network is the largest in the world and it is getting used for business more and more. Facebook is the new place to share business-related stores, debate about pretty much anything, and even catch someone’s attention in their downtime.

On Facebook, you want to grab the attention of very targeted users. Businesses target Facebook users based on features like gender, Pages liked, job title, geographical location, interests, Pages interacted with, and more. Drill down into specific target users for a unique, highly-targeted add that is interesting and even oddly specific.

Pay attention to ads you see on Facebook to learn more about target audiences. The ads you see are likely highly focused.

Generate Leads with Social Media Ads

No matter the budget or size of your company, understanding each social media network and building a proper strategy, makes all of the difference in lead generation. Make sure you understand the ins and outs of each network so your content gets targeted as it should.

If you are in doubt about where to start, reach out to the ad team working for the social media network. Remember, you are their customer! When you are focused on lead generation, now is the time to get going with paid ads. Your competition is already online.

So want to know more. Have a look at my B2B social advertising options.



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