Boost your B2B marketing campaign with Facebook Lead Ads

But I thought Facebook was a B2C thing? Well you better read on..

Facebook Ads lets you promote your business successfully even if you are marketing on a shoestring. And since Facebook’s users outnumber the populations of 193 countries, you’ve got a massive potential audience waiting just a click away.

If you’re a B2B marketer, yo can target Facebook ads to users within specific industries even specializing as narrowly as a single position in a company. This approach lets you tailor a compelling marketing message to your target audience’s perceived needs. Plus, Facebook has rolled out a tool that’s designed just for lead generation. It’s called Facebook Lead Ads.

Facebook Lead Ads B2B

What makes Facebook lead ads so powerful?

Simple. You set your target audience parameters, and press go on your ad. Facebook pushes your message directly into the newsfeeds of the target audience you chose. No wasted clicks. No cluttered newsfeeds. Just streamlined advertising to the right people.
How does that help you?
Because the ad integrates with social scrolling, your users don’t find the ad repetitive and annoying. Facebook also lets viewers subscribe to your email list in just two clicks, without leaving their own feeds. Now that’s a BIG plus for your reluctant clickers.
Facebook lead ads can benefit your business in two other ways: they reduce costs, and they allow you to enlarge and customize your audience.

Reduce costs

Unlike traditional Facebook ads, lead ads don’t drive the user to a separate landing page on another site. This approach eliminates the need for your user to leave Facebook and is a less expensive option.
In fact, some marketers say Facebook lead ads cost eight times less than other online advertising channels click-for-click.

Enlarge and customise your audience

Successful marketers target their potential audience using demographics like interests, age, gender or occupation. Facebook lead ads give you more options for reaching the right audience and thus generating more leads. There are so many clever ways to do this:
1. Retarget your website’s visitors.                                                                                                                Retargeting lets you put ads in front of your website’s visitors even if that visitor only landed on a single campaign page or product description. This feature allows you to target an audience with a proven interest in a particular topic. To define a website custom audience, you need the Facebook Pixel running on your website.
2. Reach your customer database.                                                                                                                              You can easily use your email list or Facebook user IDs to create a prospective audience parameter. By selecting this option, Facebook will match its users’ details with your contact list.
3. Customize your audience based on app activity.
Does your B2B company have an app? If so, this option allows you to select users who have interacted with your app, further honing your target audience and maximizing sales-ready leads for each click.
4. Reach your lookalike audience.

To develop a broad audience, you can create what Facebook calls a lookalike audience. Similar to a source custom audience, a lookalike audience comes from Facebook’s ability to search common characteristics within an existing community. Facebook uses this data to craft a large list of similar users who have not yet interacted with your business.

Optimise the user experience

After developing a customized audience, you can begin creating your ads. But do optimise your users’ experience. Facebook’s welcome screen lets you inform people who click on your ad about what will happen next. They can find out about the promotion you’ll send them, the information they’ll receive, or whatever benefit you offer them in exchange for their email address The welcome screen allows advertisers to add a further qualifying step before the user submits the form so no one signs up unaware of what they’re committing to do. Exaggerations or not, Accutane affects the way vitamin A accumulates in your liver. According to some papers I read this may even cause osteoporosis at a very young age. If you want more information,read the Patient Leaflet carefully. However, in some cases it’s the only cure or so I heard. Once you’ve secured the user’s information, send a warm welcome email. It’s the best way to develop a secure emotional connection with your lead and to start building a mutually beneficial relationship.

Do you know that…
Welcome emails are more than just a good idea? 74.4% of consumers expect a welcome email when they subscribe. The average open rate for welcome emails is 50% — that’s 86% higher than for email newsletters.

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