How to make Adwords work for B2B lead generation

Google Adwords (PPC) should be a core part of your lead generation tactics. It is essential when using PPC marketing to understand how it works differently with different business or different industries.

Differences can include:

  • More competition
  • Niche markets
  • Higher asking prices
  • Clients who comparison shop
  • Sales that occur less frequently

Understanding the B2B User

To build an effective strategy for leveraging PPC advertising, it is necessary to thoroughly research the B2B user. A good place to begin is by reading this article by Google.

Google performed a study and found that B2B users are younger than ever.

Users perform roughly 12 searches before they ever key a branded query into a search field, and upper management and lower-level staff alike can approve B2B purchasing, meaning that there are several audiences viewing this content.

The PPC Set-Up

Though you will need to tailor your approach to your particular market, there are some common things I suggest you do to get it off to a strong start. These include:

  • Targeted sales funnel
  • Advertising testing
  • Using insight information
  • Landing page testing
  • Marketing to interested prospects

Targeted Sales Funnels

Studies have shown that the 12 search queries entered by potential customers are attempts on their part to solve a problem. It is, therefore, crucial to create content that will provide solutions to these problems and to include keywords related to their struggles.

You will also need to vary your method based on where in the funnel the user currently is. Give people at the top of the funnel a free download or other service, as they are not yet in the commitment stage, and as users move further down the funnel, you can put a greater emphasis on sales.

Advertising Testing

Advertising testing provides a means for ensuring that quality ads are matched to the user’s stage in the sales funnel, creating the best possible first impression. There are so many ways to test. Talk to me about some of the options – but the crucial things is that you allow for testing – it isn’t going to work immediately.

Using Insight Information

Crunching the data found in your Adwords Auction Insights can help you see the keywords on which the competition is focusing their attention, and it can tell you who is on the playing field. Other helpful metrics to measure include:

  • Rate of overlap
  • Rate at the top of page
  • Impression and Outranking share
  • Average ranking position

Marketing to Interested Prospects

Sometimes referred to as re-marketing, this involves marketing to people who have already interacted with your content. This is a preferred tactic, because there are often various levels of approvals that are required within a business, and it gives your clients more opportunities to buy. Again this can be done based on specific parts of the website that they visit, or time they spend on the site.

Testing Your Landing Page

This is your most important interaction, because you can present your potential client with a call-to-action. Use several landing page versions, and determine the best one to use by comparing statistical information.

Adam Lewis is a freelance inbound marketing consultant experienced in providing businesses with services, such as creating content marketing strategies and training sales staff, and you can find out more about his offerings here.

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