How much does a B2B content marketing consultant cost?

Content marketing has grown swiftly over recent last years. Finding the right b2b consultant to help you develop an effective inbound marketing campaigns to attract b2b buyers can be difficult. Understanding the cost of an freelance B2b content marketing consultant is one thing. But understanding the VALUE is another. To get to the bottom of value, make sure you understand how they can help your company succeed. Here are some areas that freelance B2B content and inbound consultants like myself, can help:

Oversight of Content

There is no such thing as a perfect writer, especially when it comes to reviewing his or her own creations. An outside consultant will help you identify common issues with your blog development, and create a plan to remedy these quirks. It is amazing how far a second pair of eyes can go in improving the quality of text and graphics.

Content Marketing Workshops

Learning how to properly develop and share content is key for any successful inbound campaign. A good consultant will help develop a workshop that enables your team to understand the how’s and why’s of marketing in a social media driven environment. These workshops can last from a few hours to days, with prices ranging from a few thousand to the tens of thousands of pounds.

Social Media Competency Training for Staff

After the end of the consultancy, the goal should be to have the staff trained to take over many of the functions that the consultant or agency provided. A good consultant will provide in-depth training for vital members of your team as a matter of course, and can be included in a regular contract. These might include analytics, managing systems like Hubspot or deployment of paid social activity.

Email Marketing Campaign Development

Email marketing, when done in accordance with the limitations imposed under regulations such as GDPR, can provide lucrative opportunities for companies to reach out to consumers. A content agency or marketing consultant can help you develop the perfect mix of articles, pictures, and videos that entice viewers to go from the email straight to your online store.

Social Media Platform Integration

Creating amazing content is only half the challenge. The other is finding the perfect platform to share it on. A marketing consultant will be able to do the research needed to determine exactly which platform to share your content on and when it is best to share it.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC marketing, while often seen as expensive, still provides a great deal of value for companies willing to put the time and effort into crafting the right campaign. Content marketing consultants invariably have exceptional experience with this sort of campaign and can help identify ways you can leverage the right keywords to increase market penetration and click through rates.

Web Design

While few content marketers are dedicated web designers, they do have the understanding of how good web design and dramatically improve customer interaction and conversion. They will work with you to identify problematic areas and learn how to best alter your site for maximum positive impact possible.

Review of Web Analytics

The best marketing campaigns are those that take on lives of their own and are shared freely. When this happens it is vital that buy levitra 10mg you have access to the data to see what you did right, and what should be improved upon for the next round of marketing. A good marketing consultant will show you how to get these figures and craft a user-friendly report that shows you exactly what needs to be done.

What You Should Expect to Budget

Considering the wide variety of services that comes with a B2b content marketing consultant, it should be no surprise that there is a wide variety buy levitra 10mg of possible price points to choose from. Day rates vary from £300 per day to £700 per day. Its unlikely that a day of consultancy will be enough so workshops might vary from £1,500 to £3,000. Diabetes mellitus reduces the effectiveness of the pills. The researchers at claim that Viagra improves erection in 80 percent of healthy men, however, this value is reduced to 60 percent in the group of patients with diabetes. A social selling programme for a sales team can vary from £5,000 to £20,000 depending on the number of people being trained. In terms of retainers, expect a minimum to be around £1,000 per month.

When you consider the price remember that this is meant to help improve the bottom line of your company. If you spend £10,000 and receive an additional £20,000 profit, then the cost is completely absorbed.

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