Nine hacks to boost your social media output

There can be challenges to getting more active on social media. You might think you don’t have enough time or you don’t know what to say.

So to help, I have put this checklist together of nine things. I have split them into ‘time-savers’ and ‘content ideas’.

Time Savers

1. Pick your platforms. There are so many social media platforms and there are new ones being launched all the time. So it makes sense to focus on one or two and and invest on build an engaged following. For me it has to be Twitter and Linkedin on top of the list.

2. Save time with Buffer. Not enough time to share content? Well buffer will help you do it in your sleep. Go here:

3. Handle it all with Hootsuite. This social media management tool will allow you to manage all your social profile from one location. Go here:

4. Automatically thank people. It is always nice to say thank you when people retweet you or favorite your content on Twitter. Using will automatically send out tweets to thank them! Go here:

Content Ideas

5. Follow your competitors. You talk to them on the phone and on email so follow them on social media. You never know, you might learn something new about them!

6. Get suggestions from I mentioned this tool above as a time saver. but it also has other handy features such as Share top tweets. It pulls out tweets that your followers has posted that are getting good online traction. You simply press a button and retweet.

7. Set up topic alerts. Set up a Google Alert to monitor the web for interesting new content. Set it for specified topics, so your industry, competitors etc. Get it sent right to your inbox each day or more frequently (if you can handle it!). Pull out what you think is particularly interesting and simply hit the social sharing button to share to your followers. Go here:

8. Get Flipboard. This allows you to keep track of what all your connections are sharing. Plus it’s in a lovely magazine format. Go here:

9. Recycle what works with Track how many people click on your content and learn what works and what doesn’t. A simple thing to do is to recylce what already works! Go here: