Freelance B2B content and social strategist

Is your agency looking for specialist skills in B2B content marketing to support a pitch or client project? Maybe you have the skills but just need an extra pair of hand to get the planning and strategy sorted.

If so, I can help.

I work with any types of agency on a flexible basis.

So what does a freelance B2b content and social strategist do?

The core skills that I offer relate to content and social strategy and content planning. Each project is different. But below you will find some example deliverables.

Content Gap Analysis

Identifying the opportunities to improve content requires analysis to identify the gaps. The process includes all or part of the elements below, depending on requirements, budget and timescales.

Content Inventory Map out all existing content as it aligns with the buyer journey.
Content Performance Review of website analytics, keyword rankings and social shares.
Competitor Benchmarking Relative comparison with competitors in market.
End-User Research Quantitative or qualitative research to understand the needs of end users.

I know how agencies work!

You might have slightly different needs. I am flexible to meet the requirements of your clients. Get in touch and we can discuss the best way or working together.

Content Planning and Strategy

I will work collaboratively with your client and your internal teams (dev, creative, UX, social etc) to pull together a content strategy that will meet the objectives. This can include all or part of the following:

Content Workshops Design and facilitation of client workshops.
Content Plan Sets out the content pillars and the themes by quarter.
Tone and Visual Guidelines Rules around content design, style and tone of voice.
Nurture Plans Mapping out how the content is used to nurture prospects.
Media Plan Social media advertising recommendations with targeting and budget allocation.
Asset Brief List of assets to be produced with detailed specification.

Looking for a freelance B2B content strategist?