Should I hire a content marketing consultant?

Exceptional and fresh content is needed in order for your site to remain competitive, but few have the time or resources needed to continuously provide it. It is a common practice to outsource this task to dedicated professionals, content marketing consultants, in order to ensure the best new material is developed and shared in the most productive ways possible. Here are some things to consider when determining if it is time to hire a content marketing consultant for your company.

You lack the resources needed to develop, implement, and monitor a content marketing strategy.

You do not have the capital needed to build an in-house team to handle your need.

Your current approach is not achieving the desired results.

What a Content Marketing Consultant Can Do to Help

A good consultant will assess your business objectives and ensure they are in line with your current branding and online presence. If they are not in line the consultant can recommend fixes that enable you to repair any damage and craft a baseline report that indicates how you are doing before the contract commences. This last part is essential – since it provides you with something to measure the effectiveness of the consultant against.

What should you consider when hiring a content marketing consultant.

There are many things you should bear in mind when selecting a content marketing consultant to partner with. Here are the common things you should check out before agreeing to a contract.

Do They Have a Blog/Portfolio?

See their prior work to determine if they can actually deliver on their promises. If a company doesn’t use its own services, then how can you trust the same to help you?

Are They Staying Current on Market Trends?

Things change online in a heartbeat. Make certain that the team you choose is staying up to date on advertising techniques and technology in order to maximize the proposed campaign’s positive impact.

How Well Does Their Team Work Together?

Look for teams that have worked together for some time and have the portfolio to back it up. The larger the portfolio, the more experience they can draw upon to help with your unique campaign.

Can You Talk to Prior Clients or Read Provided Testimonials?

See if you can speak with old clients. If the results are good, then you can rest assured that they will provide you with the services you need.

Do They Work with Companies in Your Industry?

If the consultant has a wide portfolio, it stands to reason that they have examples that mirror your products and services. See them to determine if the company can best meet your needs.

What do They Charge?

Determine exactly how much they charge and when expenses are incurred. If at all possible, discover how much they charge companies similar to your own.

Will They Provide Content?

Some consultants only develop strategies and leave the content up to you. Make certain you are getting the services you need in advance.

 What Do They Ask You?

Work with teams that understand that the more information they have up front, the easier it is for them to develop the best plan for you.

Will They Provide Reporting and Analysis?

This is an extra feature for some companies, so make certain it is in the contract if you do not handle it yourself.

Will They Work Well with Your Team?

For a period of time, this team will work closely with you and your employees. For the sake of a happy workplace, it is vital to make certain everyone can work together in harmony before signing a contract. The last thing you need is for office politics to break out while implementing a new marketing strategy.