The B2B Owner’s Guide to Using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn reports that 80% of engagement with sponsored content on its platform happens when users are on mobile. Because of this high percentage of engagement, they reacted with an update that features the functionality of user-friendly web forms on sponsored content. They are called LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

When Would Someone Encounter a LinkedIn Lead Gen Form?

If you are running a sponsored content campaign, you are asking users to do something like download your white paper, read through your eBook, or sign up for your next webinar. Thanks to the new forms, a person that clicked the form gets their information autofilled from information on their LinkedIn account. Instead of filling out a long form, it’s a quick “confirm” button, click, and an immediate download!

Benefits of Using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

As a business owner, you know everything needs clear benefits or it isn’t worth your time. When it comes to lead gen forms, whether you are doing the work on your own or you’ve hired a B2B marketing consultant, there are advantages like:

  • Remove steps. Forms make it just plain easy for a user to get their promised item with less steps in place. Instead of filling out a form with ten blanks, two clicks are required to confirm personal information. Since users are likely on their phones, it adds up being a major improvement of app functioning.
  • Decrease friction. Every time you require another click or keystroke of a user, it might be the one that causes them to leave your site. Less effort on behalf of the user means more sign-ups.
  • Integrate with other marketing tools. A bunch of third-party marketing tools used by B2B marketing consultants automate the process of lead nurturing. Connect it to Oracle Eloqua, Driftrock, or Zapier.

Setting Up a LinkedIn Lead Gen

The only way to run a lead generation form through this social network is through a promoted content ad. When a member clicks your ad, you get the option of sending them to your site or collecting information through LinkedIn Lead Gen.

Just like with any social media ad manager, your campaign manager tracks everything for you. You select or create the content for promotion and also follow a simple set of inputs for building your form.

Before you can use the Lead Gen Forms function of LinkedIn, you need a URL for your website’s privacy policy page. If you don’t have one on your site and you are collecting email addresses, stop right now and add a privacy policy to your site.

Test Out LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms for Yourself

If you are advertising on LinkedIn, offer information to your leads through LinkedIn Lead Gen forms. Social media platforms want you to use their ad management services so the addition of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms is one example of this. Why not improve your experience with the click of a button?

Get better results from your advertising and marketing channels by considering the audience that will use the channel. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms offer conversions, useful analytics data, potential revenue, and other opportunities for branding.

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