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TRO is a global and multi-award winning experiential marketing & events agency, passionate about connecting people and brands through memorable experiences.

Social media has become an essential part of the mix for client projects. The agency was looking for best practice advice on how social media can be used at client events. Advice was also needed to improve the social media activity of the agency itself.


With constant advances in social media platforms, it is hard for anyone to keep up. In experiential marketing, social media is a powerful way of connecting and engaging with delegates before, during and after and event. TRO needed help with social media planning techniques. In terms of their own social media activity, resources are tight.




A social media SWOT analysis looked at the activity of the agency across different platforms and the performance of content. Data from social profiles was used to compare social metrics with competitors. In total 25 recommendations were made. A training session was run for staff on best practice social media planning for events, which covered industry trends, case-studies and tricks, hints and hacks.


Sarah Mayo, Director of Marketing at TRO, said: “Adam’s extensive knowledge of working with brands and B2B businesses helped us improve our social media performance as an agency. He was able to share the experience of working with global brands such as IBM and Thomson Reuters which helped out planning team better integrate social into our work.”

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